What is the story? What tools can build the story? How do I show the story? Does the film tell the best story possible? Does the narrative make sense? This seminar outlines how to navigate the answers.

Who should take this class?

  • The Filmmaker

    Gain a better understanding of your story's evolution in post-production.

  • The Editor

    Feeling a little mired in the basics? Develop your craft so you can create your own style.

Meet Your Instructor

Editing Instructor

James Page

James Page is an award winning British-American Filmmaker and editor. He graduated from the University of Westminster Film School in 2010 specialising in documentary. His editing experience includes documentary features, shorts, commercial content news and music videos. James has worked on content spanning Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Documentaries he has edited and directed include STREETCAR (2010), FROM NORTH TO SOUTH KOREA (2016) and he is currently working on his first feature IN A WILD STATE.

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