30-Minute Seminar ||| 30-Day Access

What this seminar covers >>>

  • What is a sales agent?
  • Licensing rights by language.
  • What is the term?
  • Straight distribution versus a minimum guarantee
  • What incentivizes sales agent to sell my movie?
  • Sales projections
  • When and how do you get paid?
  • What is a waterfall?
  • Sales fees
  •  Sub-agents will lessen your income
  •  Beware expenses!!
  •  How to cap your expenses

<<< What this seminar includes

  • 30-Minute audio seminar
  • Sample film distribution contract
  • Sample foreign sales projections

Meet your instructor

Producing Instructor

Sherri Strain

Sherri Strain, founding partner of The Asylum, the distribution and production company that brought us the cult horror Sharknado franchise, she is a producer and writer, known also for Way of the Vampire (2005), The Da Vinci Treasure (2006) and King of the Lost World (2005).