Class Prep

Paul would love if you brought a few things along with you,

  • I would like to workshop your projects, so bring em! Scripts, outlines, treatments, ideas, etc. In fact if you want to email me ahead of time that would be even more helpful

  • Each student should be ready to tell the class three of your favorite movies. Email me those too and I'll plug em in the presentation!

  • Bring some questions and topics you want to cover!



Paul FIshback

Fishback’’s filmmaking career began in Los Angeles and continued in his home state of South Dakota. With his brother James, he has produced award winning films in the U.S., Haiti, and Nicaragua, and their work has been featured on television, at international film festivals, in college classrooms, and at charity events. In 2013, their company hosted the sold-out Northern Voyage Film Festival in Brookings, SD. They have since produced multiple film events, premiers, and screenings. Paul graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.A. in Economics with a Business Emphasis. Paul takes great pride in working with the talented Fellows, faculty, and staff at the AFI Conservatory.