Join us for our two part workshop “35mm Motion Picture Filmmaking for Directors” with filmmaker Casey Shaw on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 21st, where participants will get to actually shoot on 35 mm cameras and then work with the developed footage.

The workshops are sponsored by Kodak Film Lab Atlanta and Keslow Camera.

  • WEEK 1

  • We will start with an overview of film formats, the basics of how to calculate runtime, and where and how to get film and film cameras.

  • We will take a 35mm camera into the field and each student will have a chance to frame, film, and operate a shot. During this, we’ll discuss the basics of exposure, what to consider in prep and during shooting, and how to use different techniques to convey certain emotions.

  • We'll cover how the film will get to the lab, processing/scanning options, and how to get connected with a lab.

  • WEEK 2

  • We’ll open with a general discussion about pricing and how to start a relationship with the lab.

  • We will then review the footage from the previous week, and talk about the basics of digitally color grading a 35mm negative. Each participant will receive a link to download a copy of the footage for them to experiment with.

  • We will leave ample time for Q&A to fill in any specific gaps in knowledge.

Purchase Workshop Here

Price covers materials fee and admission fee for Workshops 1 and 2.


Casey Shaw

Casey Shaw has been working in the film industry in New Orleans since 2012. He started shooting at live events with a DSLR and has since been given the opportunity to work in the camera department on major studio movies such as “Causeway”, “Reminiscence”, “Project Power”, “The Lovebirds”, and more. He also had the great fortune to be one of the cinematographers of “Katrina Babies”. Casey has produced and directed several projects of his own and is currently in post-production for a sports documentary shot on 16mm called “In the Spirit of Youth” covering the FISU Winter University Games. Casey owns the local production company “Shawscope” which provides 35mm/16mm analog filmmaking tools and resources to up-and-coming New Orleans directors and DPs.